"We made us to last, to help our clients to grow and succeed". Enrico Maria Bignami said.


Bignami Associati helps its clients to last and succeed, and to organise all management, administration and governance steps of its activity on the basis of some fundamental principles:

To emphasize the corporate governmental systems  from an ampler point of view, to make them more efficient, valid and capable of generating value in a continuous way.

To draw the attention on the profit and loss account as well as on the cash flow and on the statement of assets and liabilities that must be in line with needs and objectives.

To operate on a medium-long term basis, in particular as far as extraordinary operations are concerned, to mitigate short-term visions if they are contradictory to long-term operations.


To assimilate the principles of a valid internal control system:

to estimate the environment: to know the persons, their individual qualities, the integrity, the ethical values, the skills, the sphere and areas in which they operate, and to spread  these principles;

to evaluate the risks: to improve the culture of consciousness, the evaluation and the systematic management of risks; to establish integrated and coherent targets between the various business activities, to activate mechanisms  to identify, analyze and manage the risks;

to keep the activities under control: to develop check mechanisms to activate the measures  required to reach the intended targets;

to facilitate the communications: to develop systems for an easier collection, exchange and timeliness of information,  for management and control purposes;

to monitor the entire system.


To create long-lasting enterprises means to develop and keep a virtuous proceeding enabling them to clarify the objectives, to comply with changes, to face adversities, to enhance possibilities, to experiment, to seize opportunities, to maximize benefits and learn from wrongs.

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