1963Creation in Milan of Studio Bignami by Alberto Bignami.

1973Creation of Bi-11 Amministrazioni Srl, a company specialisedin trust and audit activities for the Office.

1975Enrico Maria Bignami joins the Firm.

1979The Firm starts up a management information system on mainframe.  Beginning of an own internal software  development to organise and control the various activities.

1990Basis for the evolution of Studio Bignami into a specialised associated Firm. Beginning of an accessory service outsourcing for accounting, payroll and social contribution services. Setting up of  the first intranet services.

1991Andrea Bignami joins the Firm.

1994Studio Bignami turns into an associated consulting office. The organisation model adopted, the control systems, the delegations procedures place the Firm as a leading company in the sector. Thanks to the organisation control systems and to the delegation procedures adopted, Studio Bignami still holds the leadership in the sector.

2002Gaetano Pignatti Morano joins the Firm. The Office changes its name into Bignami e Associati.

2012Cesare Beolchi and Roger Olivieri become partners. Bignami Associati opens an office  in Rome.

2017Corrado Tutucci e Monica Mannino become partners.

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