Ordinary management

Bignami Associati offers ordinary management services to companies, individuals and non-commercial bodies.

Periodic monitoring
Periodic monitoring support to enterprises and assistance in formulating entrepreneurial macro choices – also in respect of organizational  and internal control aspects.

Multi-year plans
Support in analysing, preparing and working out of multi-year plans, budgets and forecasts at an economic, patrimonial and financial level. Business plans, sensitivity analyses, control of final results, deviation analyses, etc.

Fiscal programming
Definition of  fiscal programming and planning guidelines to optimize the fiscal impact in compliance with the applicable laws. Creation of forecast models to monitor the related financial flow.

Advisory services to multinational groups
Assistance in relationships between international group companies. Transfer pricing, cost distribution, cash pooling and financing, royalties, transfer of assets, software development and infra group service agreements, worldwide incentive plans, etc.).

Outsourcing to multi-national groups
Administrative and accounting management of permanent organizations and controlled companies of foreign companies. Preparation of periodic reports to the parent company, in compliance with domestic and international accounting principles. These services are offered, through the international network, to Italian companies needing to manage controlled companies, joint ventures and permanent organizations abroad.

Bignami Associati offers also  ordinary management services synergic and complementary to the advisory services:

  • assistance in administrative and accounting management;
  • ordinary tax advice for business management;
  • assistance in the carrying out of recurring corporate fulfilments;
  • preparation of balance sheets for the year and consolidated and extraordinary balance sheets;
  • assistance in recurrent tax fulfilments;
  • interventions in litigations and pre-litigations against the Financial Administration;
  • interventions before Financial Administration representatives;
  • interventions at clients' offices during inspections and checks;
  • contractual advice and assistance;
  • representation of foreign individuals and companies for tax purposes;
  • administration of enterprises, worth and assets;
  • mandates for the custody of assets.
  • technical expertises for parties or by Court-appointed experts; surveys and estimates-
  • accounting audits: certifications, checks and assistance in control activities;
  • accounting organization and setting up of accounting systems.

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