Non-recurrent operations

Bignami Associati offers planning and management services in non-recurrent operations.

Strategic advice
Long-term visions and support in selecting strategic and operative instruments. With particular regard to small/medium enterprises:

Generational transfers
Assistance in setting up and managing of the generational transfer steps within the enterprise.

Risk evaluation
Previous analysis, identification of business risks and development of specific management mechanisms. Definition and integration of commercial, financial and productive targets of enterprises.

Optimization of the corporate patrimonial structure of the enterprise also for tax purposes.

Corporate structuring
Assistance in setting up companies, organizations and representative offices. Corporate restructuring and definitions between partners. Optimization in company group structures. Selection of companies in line with the clients' business requirements. Preparation of certificates of incorporation, articles of association and partners' agreements. Implementation of legal and fiscal formalities.

Restructuring of enterprises in trouble
Assistance in defining and implementing turnaround operations in two phases: 1) elimination of all reasons for crises in the enterprise; 2) achievement of a profitability recovery plan.

Acquisitions and dismissals
Assistance in  the acquisition and dismissal of assets (enterprises, participations, immovable assets, etc.).

Computerization of procedures
Advisory services to implement computer systems for administrative directorate, administrative management and internal control. Dynamic identification of specific KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Bignami Associati offers also various services for the management of extraordinary activities synergic and complementary to the advisory services:

  • management of company liquidations;
  • accounting, administrative and tax due diligence;
  • technical expertises for parties or by Court-appointed experts; surveys and estimates-
  • accounting audits: certifications, checks and assistance in control activities;
  • accounting organization and setting up of accounting systems.

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