Bignami Associati offers to its clients, either directly or through its  highly qualified professional network, all complementary advisory and governance services, such as:

  • trusteeship;
  • organisational management and compliance;
  • domiciliation, accounting and implementation modalities;
  • setting up and management of foreign branches;
  • legal advice and assistance;
  • staff administration.


Bi-11 Amministrazioni Srl is a trust and audit company correlated to Bignami Associati. It is operative since 1973 and some of its services are:


  • administration of assets;
  • administration of participations in other bodies;
  • custody and administration of financial instruments and/or other movables;
  • representation of shareholders, partners and bondholders;
  • execution of wills and distribution of heritage;
  • pledges/attachments of valuables to secure banking and financial operations.

Organisational management and compliance

The Keyrules Company Srl is the lean  organisation and software facility company  correlated to Bignami Associati. Established in 2008, it developed the KeyRulesTM, the organisation management software licensed to Studio Bignami. KeyRulesTM that enables:

  • to share the rules and the business management guidelines;
  • to check the deadlines and manage the workflow in a dynamic manner;
  • to supervise the workability of the organisation;
  • to menage the governance and the business compliance.

Moreover, it has developed and manages Safebox, the cloud required for the board of auditors' documentation.

Domiciling, accounting and implementing measures

Genea Srl is the correlated company  through which Bignami Associati provides complementary domiciling services to resident or non-resident companies and to non-resident individuals, accounting and implementing  services (filing and deposit services with the Inland Revenue Office and other territorial offices, etc.).

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