Set up in 1963, Bignami Associati is one of the most dynamic professional associations engaged in the business, corporate, tax and governance consulting sector in Italy. It offers to corporate enterprises and international groups, to individuals, to entrepreneurs and professionals, specific ad hoc services and solutions achieved through multi-disciplinary teams.


Our mission

Bignami Associati was created to help its clients to improve their efficiency in an easy and valid manner. It does it through a strict management of the operations, supporting its clients and helping them to grow and be successful.


Our method

Bignami Associati:

  • uses the "what if" analyses to take decisions without taking unwanted risks;
  • it faces problems under a  multi-disciplinary point of view through its internal professional team and the external network;
  • it has an international contact network to assist its clients without boundaries;
  • it ensures clarity in approaches, planning of interventions, procedure controlling, continuity, timeliness and growth as constant target in its relationships with clients.


Why Bignami Associati

Bignami Associati is known for the reliability and the practical effect of its solutions; for the integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to problems; for the rigorous methods  and the constant searching for excellence in business  and services to their clients.

In almost 50 years of experience, we faced and solved all of the main situations in the ordinary and extraordinary management of our clients and we made of them our strengths.

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